Behind AdmiringBeauty.Art stands the artist Stefan Grosjean. His works stage beauty and eroticism, often realized with very elaborate lighting techniques that he has developed independently. But his work is much more than that: in the background is a philosophy that dares to think of art and life as free from the constraints of commercial markets. For the creation of his images differs radically from the standard production model of beautiful pictures in the age of the Internet and social media: Stefan takes the freedom to work intentionally inefficient. While the current market demands mass-produced goods for quick consumption, and a photographer should produce several hundred images in a day, Stefan's way of working may result in only one image at a time - and that's for a day-long project into which several weeks of preparation were put. This decelerated approach allows for an attention to detail that would not otherwise be possible. Stefan believes that a rich and beautiful life comes from doing what you love - even if it's not what brings in the big bucks.